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Web Site Development

Lesson 1.3
Title and Head, Body and Text

part three + the anchor tag/ELEMENT <a> </a>

By Alain Lareau

    In the Lessons 1.1 and 1.2 HTML was introduced in its version 2.0, then we ended on the topic that I was using HTML version 3.2 to do it. This was done to afford myself the use of the 'font' ELEMENT and the attributes that it can use. So now we will talk about HTML 3.2 and forgive me if I insist on using HTML 4.01 this time because it affords me the ability to use style, but let's stay focused on 'Fonts'.
This Page is HTML 4.01 Transitional and its DTD ( Document type Definition ) looks like this:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
The DTD is the first line on code,
the <html></html> should be the last line of code in your saved file that is to be your Web Page. This page "The Great Big Website of Jobs" will be the subject of several lessons. In this case we revist the 'Body' ELEMENT, for this page it is:
<body bgcolor="#a0d0f0" text="#663366" link="#000099" vlink="#336699"> ... </body>
When we say ELEMENT instead of TAG it may be because we mean the whole thing,
- the tags and the contents between them. If you get far enough in the lessons that you become interested
in learning JavaScript this concept of the ELEMENT will be important. So, as I am preparing you to form
your own .html template, a good time saver to start new web pages,
let's look at each part of that 'body' ELEMENT.
In it four default colors are reset to new values. The background color, the color of the text, the color for the
Hyper Text, and the links visited already take a different color to distinguish them.

    The HTML 3.2 specification which we are talking about now introduces new ELEMENTS.
Font is the first of them I wish to show you and the color of the text can be changed there as well.
Here is an example <font color="blue">text</font>
Two other useful attributes assigned to it are: size=" " put ( 1 - 7 ), you saw in lesson 1.2,
and face=" " put the ( font name ), for instance "Arial" or "Comic Sans MS".
The font you see here is the default 'face', which is what you get if no font face value is prescribed, but the size is set to the value 4, with code like this:<p><font size="4">body of paragraph</font></p>
If the 'size' value is not prescribed in a 'font' tag the size defaults to size 3.
This page, 'The Great Big Website of Jobs' did not begin with a 'header', I used a large font (size 7) instead.

This is the code: - I have indented it, - nested it to help
you see the relationships - don't overlook that the text is made
both bold and italic
and the closing tags must come in the right order.
<div align="center">
  <font size="7" face="Arial">
        <a name="top">
The Great Big Website of Jobs</a>

While we are on the subject let's look at the next bit of code as well.

<div align="center">
  <font size="5" color="#800040" face="Comic Sans MS">
    <span style='font-size:24.0pt; font-family:"Comic Sans MS"'>
Online Jobs First - Job Hunt Club
  <font size="2" color="#601080" face="Comic Sans MS"><br>
    <a href="">
Vote digg it
  <p align="right">
    <font size="1">
      <a href="003.html#d3">
go to lesson 1.3</a>

So what is the first thing you notice about this new HTML 3.2 code? Is it the new tag <div> ?

OK and the font tag has two attributes size and face,
values "7" & "Arial"

The next thing, see the <a> tag, with has a name attribute with a value of "top", this is the 'anchor' for the URL of the link below.
"The Great Big Website of Jobs"
<a href="003.html#top">

Did you catch that? It was done with tags <u>#top</u>.

Now the 'font' tag again and
a new one 'span'
( sorry coudn't help my self),
a little reduncy here, done just for show. Please take note of the 'syle' attribute in the 'span' tag and the way information is plugged in has a different format.

Now the <a> tag again and the hashtag/pound sign just after the .htm, this is the pointer to the anchor. The anchor is set in the header
Web Site Development at the top of the lesson.

    This the code for the 'header' that holds the anchor:
<a name="d3"><h1 align="center"><br>Web Site Development</h1></a>
,,that the 'go to lesson 1.3' link points to.
There's that <u> tag again.    ';-)

Style-in Head, this page

em { color:black; 
  font-weight:bold }
h1 { color:black }

Design notes, this page

background color for page
'bgcolor' attribute set in 'body' tag
general text color
'text' attribute set in 'body' tag
color for links (hot spots) hyper text
'link' attribute set in 'body' tag
color for links visited
'vlink' attribute set in 'body' tag
the fake header
size 7, face Arial set in 'font' tag; color left as set in 'body' tag
employment of ELEMENT <b>, </b> tags
employment of ELEMENT <i>, </i> tags
the fake subheader
size 5, face Comic Sans MS, color #800040 set in 'font' tag
style 'font-size:24.0pt; font-family:"Comic Sans MS"' set in 'span' tag>
background color of table sidebars
bgcolor value #D8F8D8 set in 'td' tag
general text in lesson
size 4 set in 'font' tag nested in 'p' or 'div' tags, face value left at default
sidebar text in lesson ( lower sidebar )
size 2, face Comic Sans MS, color #800040 set with 'font' tag
style 'font-size:11pt;font-family:"Comic Sans MS"' set with 'span' tag
employment of ELEMENT <b>, </b> tags
special text in lesson (code display)
employment of ELEMENT <em>, </em> tags
with style change in head - em { color:black; font-weight:bold }
other special text in lesson (underlined)
employment of ELEMENT <u>, </u> tags
the 'h1 header' in lesson
with style change in head - h1 { color:black }

Don't get ahead of yourself ---- Follow the lesson plan --- - - - - - - ------ Next Lesson

Web Site Development

Lesson 3.2
Revamp the site - The Great Big Website of Jobs

part three + the anchor tag/ELEMENT <a> </a>

By Alain Lareau

Might we set here a place for our Sponsor, that is we can place an advertisement on the page.

HTML 4.01 Transitional/

--------- Next Lesson

Web Site Development

Lesson 4.1
More revamping the site - The Great Big Website of Jobs

part three + the anchor tag/ELEMENT <a> </a>

By Alain Lareau


lesson Congratulations - you're ready to roll. What's Next: * Check out your site's new Jobs Page. View it here. * Customize your Job Board. Add your logo, select colors, and much more. Set up your page here. * Add widgets to your site. Find them here. * Complete your payment settings. We can't pay you if we don't have your paperwork! Give us your tax information and tell us how you want to get paid. Get started now.

--------- Next Lesson

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