Simple and Complex Tables

A demonstration of HTML table building techniques using very useful electrical engineering data.

SI electromagnetism units
Name Symbol Dimensions Quantity
ampere (SI base unit) A A Current
coulomb C A新 Electric charge, Quantity of electricity
volt V J/C = kg搶2−3−1 Potential difference
ohm Ω V/A = kg搶2−3−2 Resistance, Impedance, Reactance
ohm metre Ω搶 kg搶3−3−2 Resistivity
farad F C/V = kg−1−224 Capacitance
farad per metre F/m kg−1−324 Permittivity
reciprocal farad F−1 kg12−2−4 Elastance
siemens S Ω−1 = kg−1−232 Conductance, Admittance, Susceptance
siemens per metre S/m kg−1−332 Conductivity
weber Wb V新 = kg搶2−2−1 Magnetic flux
tesla T Wb/m2 = kg新−2−1 Magnetic flux density
ampere per metre A/m m−1 magnetic induction
ampere-turns per weber A/Wb kg−1−222 Reluctance
henry H V新/A = kg搶2−2−2 Inductance
henry per metre H/m kg搶新−2−2 Permeability
(dimensionless) - - Magnetic susceptibility

Volt (E) is the unit of electric pressure or electromotive force. It is the potential that will produce a current of 1 ampere through a resistance of 1 ohm.

Ampere (I) is the unit of electrical current (coulombs per second).

Ohm (R) is the unit of electrical resistance (volts/ampere).

Watts (W) and kilowatts (KW) are units of electric power.

Kilovolt-ampere (KVA) is a measurement of apparent electric power.

Kilowatt hour (Kwhr) is a unit of electrical energy or work performed.

Joule (J) is a metric unit of energy: watt per second.
1 Kwhr = 2,655,000 ft-lb = 1.341 hp-hr = 3413 Btu = 3,600,000 joules.

Ohm law relationships (direct current) E = IR + W/I = √WR
W = I2R = E2/R = EI
I = E/R = W/E = √W/R
R = E/I = W/I2 = E2/W

Required Direct
Alternating current
Single-phase 3-phase*
KVA   IE  
 1.73 IE 
Kilowatts   IE  
  IE (pf)  
  1.73 IE (pf)  
Horsepower (output) IE (eff)/746 IE (eff)(pf)/746 1.73 IE (eff)(pf)/746
Joules IE/sec IE (eff)(pf)/sec 1.73 IE (eff)(pf)/sec
Amperes (hp known) 746 (hp)/E (eff) 746 (hp)/E (eff)(pf) 746 (hp)/1.73 E (eff)(pf)
Amperes (KW known) 1000 KW/E 1000 KW/E (pf) 1000 KW/1.73 E (pf)
Amperes (kva known) 1000 KVA/E 1000 KVA/1.73 E

The HTML markup code is very useful to portray information and to have this kind of data handy and at the ready via the internet is a great benefit. I have ideas about portraying other sorts of information and would ask your indulgence in helping to develop them in a process. Would you please view the below pattern of little red squares and report if this representation has a meaning for you?


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Simple and Complex

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