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My Wife made a joke yesterday of the appropriate name for a boat being"The Sea Quester" and I thought of the joke of the definition of a boat being a "Hole in the water that you throw Money in to". It is good enough of a joke but in the case of dealing with the Sequester problem in Congress the image does dislodge one's mind away from the true nature of Money and Economy. To make matters worse I heard there is concern that the public is experiencing "Crisis Fatigue" over the never ending nature of the Contraptions and Foolery involved with the "Budgetary Crisis". So what is Joe and Jackie six-pack supposed to do with this mess, for sure they can not trust the TV set never mind with what stamina they can muster to try to tell Who is lying about What and Why. We are betting there is a real need for a Newspaper / News Service that can speak to the Middle Class in their own terms with the consciousness of the Middle likewise cognizant of it own responsibility to create and recreate and maintain the Middle Class in to the future. Cause guess what, it aint a given, that we will be here much longer. So, we want to be your Newspaper, a 21st Century Newspaper, a hybrid, part online part print, some audio, some video. Our working premiss is that the Middle Class's activium for its self-preservation needs its own media channel because everything you are getting otherwise is fakery. Bold statement you may say, well let's look at that. Both Major Political Parties sent members to the Super Committee and failed to come to agreement. The Sequester frame work that they all agreed was so bad they would not want it and should force them to do something better WAS agreed to. They both now blame each other it is the others fault for not junking the thing, while at the same time refusing to to junk it holding us ransom to get some tiddlyfiddle chum to feed their voters back home. So they have us believe, they both want it and it is being shoved down our thoughts, and I can prove it.


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