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The concerned citizen answered the news lady's questions;
"Yes I am here to support the Congressman on the issue of reinstating the 1933 Glass-Steagall firewall in the banking system. The bank bailout is costing us Human lives. The Housing Bubble debacle would not have been possible without the 1999 take down of the Glass-Steagall statutes."
The Congressman showcased the initiative of the local county executive successful streamlining of the application process for various state aid programs for people in trouble in these hard economic times.
The Congressman avoided all reference to federal bureaucracy as bloated or inept.
The Congressman avoided all reference the cost of the bank bailout in terms of human lives.
The Congressman emphasized that budget reductions must be done with the meticulousness of a surgeon and that the cuts must not wreck our future.
The news program made no mention of the Glass-Steagall issue but did show a 15sec. segment interviewing a woman who expressed happiness and enthusiasm to now be able to spread the word about the new "One Stop" state aid system.

My name is Alain Lareau and I was a congressional candidate in my district on the Ballot with the Constitution party during the 2010 election cycle.
I must report to you that I see a great polarization between the right and left which is not necessarily a bad thing except when both ends are embroiled with hypocrisy and again not the worst thing if people can see it. When people DO see it and shrink from exposing it or attacking it then the people who DO NOT see it have no qualified leaders for their representation. The leaders they elect simply mimic and mirror their hypocrisy and the people believe themselves to be well served.

If situations afforded me an opportunity to ask a question at the microphone at a town hall meeting I would try to articulate the following:
Congressman, I do not live in your district, but if I did I would likely be voting for you as I regard you as somewhat better than the average apple in the barrel over there in Washington. I know depending who you are talking to, that doesn't say much. I believe there is hope for us because there is hope that you might rise to the occasion.
(you see I am not there to cut off his balls but to get him to grow some)
Please see the need for people to find Common Ground. To achieve Common Ground we must fight for the Higher Ground, this is a metaphor most people can recognize very readily. Take a lesson from the Civil Rights' movement, the Common Ground people found was created by the fight for higher principles, the High Ground, by attacking the hypocrisies on both sides.
I believe the Federal Government to be quiet bloated, I am all for a little downsizing;
BUT the deregulations are coming made-to-order by the THIEVES that are causing all our problems, the 1999 take down of Glass-Steagall is the perfect example!
Your metaphor about cutting the budget with surgical precision makes sense to me;
BUT the finger can be removed by the best cutter around and then the thumb, sooner or latter someone says "that hand is USELESS why are we spending money keep it around" and then the same logic applies to the whole arm, "chop it off".
The great myriad of Federal Programs and Agencies admittedly are quiet redundant and overlapping;
BUT this was DELIBERATE, instituted by people who intentionally wanted to gum up the works and render much ineffectual. The problems with the Social Services office is ironically parallel. That working single Mom with two kids has to make 18 trips between 6 different offices to find a way to make by because it was designed that way on purpose, likewise for the homeless veteran has to make his 18 bleepin' bus trips to get help. The "Economic downturn" has overwhelmed the system, yes, but the source of the clamber for "streamlining" has come not so much from bureaucrats or aid workers but by the newly destitute middle class types who when encountering all this red tape must exclaim "holy smoke, I had no idea it was so hard for poor folks, the bashers of the welfare Moms make it sound like it is so easy!". These people make a lot more noise than the disenfranchised poor I see. Well now you have made it easier, this is the best you have come up with to solve the economic crisis. Be surgical with the cuts and streamline the dole!
Really any defunding right now will increase the ineptitude of agencies and likely trigger more contractions in GDP/GNP. Sad but true. Speaking of truth, isn't that what we really need right now, elected officials to tell the people the real truth. Do you really think we are so stupid or immoral we won't or can't help you do the right thing. Are you not going to level with us because you are afraid of our response or is it someone else is telling you not to tell us the truth?
What if I could show you a single item budget cut that would save us 5 Trillion Dollars this year, would you be interested? One item, no austerity, no increased hardship, no detriment to Human Being what-so-ever. My congressman won't talk to me, I even ran against him to get his attention.
Will you help, please pull your colleague, my congressman aside and convince him to meet with me and allow me to help him fight for the Higher Ground.
I need your help with one more thing. There is a media blackout on this Glass-Steagall issue. If you do not believe this is the case come with me now before the Television camera and prove to me that we can move forward with this or I can prove to you that we have more work to do if the Station Editor will not allow it to be aired. If you believe that you have clout to insist that this Glass-Steagall issue be aired then please use it now. The public may wonder; is our news media controlling our elected representation? I tell you if you do not aid me in breaking the blackout of the Glass-Steagall issue now, you will expose your self as irrelevant.
Sir, please come with me now to the camera.
Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
for the 112th Congress.
Some of the information distributed on One Stop Streamlining

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