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Acid Alkaline what is pH

As a solution is Alkaline it will have a slippery feel, soapy, perhaps even sticky. Foods that have high pH (alkaline) have a bitter taste. Acidic solutions will most often have a peppery smell, and foods with low pH (Acid) will taste sour. The first paragraph of text in your HTML file is looked at by the search engine spiders to grade the content of your page. So it is well advised to describe in general some points on topic right away, for example above.

Just pick a subject that may come up and publish a web page. You can always remake it or update it. Other publishers viewing your page can be provoked to build HTML code that incorporates content that may dispute or support your page. When others do this and include a link to your page there is no fowl. Conversely when you encounter high quality content and being reviewed by you, using reference to pages authored by others and posting links to them giving them credit may entice those others to direct traffic to your pages when they are impressed by your expertise on topics they review.

You may be informed that 7 on the pH scale is designated "Neutral" insinuating acid-alkaline balance. This needs a little explanation, and to spur your interest, I ask you; Does the pH scale range from 0 to 14 or, 1 to 14? Low being most acidic and high being most alkaline the scale is not arbitrarily set it is derived, information you might see in a university chemistry class but not high school.

Well the best fast answer is that the pH scale neither arbitrary nor absolute, it is derived. Right, so yes, it is possible to have a pH reading above 14 and below 1. OK, so what is it derived from? May I take a moment to discus why you investigate? Do you use the pH scale on your job or perhaps you wish to inquire into the background of some of the health fads that come around talking about pH in foods and metabolism.

Let's back up for the sake of clarity. WHAT IS IN THE BOX?
What is a solution?
What is water?
What is a liquid?
What is pH balance and what puts this out of balance.

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