You Tell Me What You Want
The Internet to do for you
and I'll tell you how

When you post your name and email at the bottom of the page, and I emphasize WHEN, I will be asking you to qualify yourself. This is so that everyone has an opportunity to define the terms upon which they choose to interact. Now as you see what I mean by "qualify" you will discover why I choose to put this up front to hook your attention.

Hi - This is Alain Lareau, the system I am presenting to you now is something that is probably done so often but so informally it is quite literally taken for granted by nearly everyone.

I am so excited to be able to offer you this unique opportunity to build massive residual income because it dovetails with a huge hidden and untapped potential benefit of the internet for society in general.
(They always say they are excited to give you an offer but they never really tell you why)

On the other side of the coin you may see ads with
" Did you know that many internet marketing "gurus" are deliberately trying to keep you from discovering this kind of very lucrative and powerful information that can propel your online business to mega-success?"
blah blah, yada yada..

"They don't want you to read this information - In fact, they think it is absolutely vital to keep you from reading it."

Well it is not really true and let's not pick on the so called gurus too much, they provide a somewhat vital role.

All that kind of crap is a tactic to have you submit a name and email, and what ensues is for the submitter is a never ending barrage from an auto-responder that try's to shove program after program down their throat! Well not here, I will not do that. I need your attention and the last thing
I want is to fill your in box with more clutter.

The biggest truth is just as off the internet you can make more money with highly trained people than not
and that is why we have to get away from folks feeling like


Yes, feeling like this after they investigate online business ops.

OK, so what I like cats

NO, Please do NOT send me pics of cats.

The main requirement is that you provide people with some form of value - and don't just try to sell them. Give them valuable information when they opt in, and make sure the opportunities you introduce them to in your follow-up will give THEM the chance to be successful as well. People are placing a level of trust in you by registering their e-mail address. Do not abuse their trust.

There is an absolute Mountain of information available in this business. Every turn you take, there is yet another ebook to buy or get for free. Then there are all the "guru" sites that want to charge you between $20 and $100 per month to get access to all the latest and greatest information.

Stop wasting your time! Sure, you have to build up your level of knowledge but you must know when to stop and actually DO SOMETHING. Don't keep putting it off...

or even worse, don't take the "easy" way out and join a couple of affiliate programs or MLMs and advertise the page they give you. Many people fall for this. They keep thinking "I will just get some money from these programs, THEN, I will put my own site up."

Well, in most cases, IT NEVER HAPPENS. They spend all their time advertising these sites, trying to learn more information, sometimes even spend lots of time in discussion forums, but never actually do what they should have done first...

... and that is why they end up feeling like this after most of their dealings with online business ops.


BUILD YOUR PLATFORM FIRST! If you just advertise the programs you are joining without having your own website and your own automated business building system you are fighting a losing battle.

Look at the FACTS - - -

Over 90% of people trying to make money on the Internet never
make a profit

These people losing money on the Internet do NOT have their own
marketing website

Almost ALL of the people who actally make money on the Internet
HAVE their own website

The Top Earners in MLM and Network Marketing are using an
Automated Online Business Building System

Now you can use the same system that all the top earners in MLM and Network Marketing are using. Keep reading and you'll find out how.

Success Rewards Action

If you've been struggling to earn the results you dreamed of when you started out, change your approach now. "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."

The My System will give you the start you need to finally have your very own Money Making Operation. My System lets you choose what kind of program you get involved with while giving you heads up for what NOT to waste time on. If you need it a 21 block course will put your business in a completely automated mode but NOT for the purpose building a LIST for some AUTORESPONDER pipe out a lot of crap.

Do you remember reading this above.

You won't have that chance if you just send them to a referral page for a specific program instead of promoting your own website. You only send them to a referral page AFTER they have opted in on YOUR website.

Well it does not have to be as cut and dry as all that, you do it in stages. The first order of business is that I ask you to shoot me some email and declare your intentions. This is where you qualify your self.
Here is my email.


You understand that here I am selling myself and "My Method" and a networking BOND, which is exactly what you are going to do or you just go your own way!


Alain Lareau, 9114 Bronze Bell Circle, Columbia, MD 21045, USA


Now here please "qualifiy" yourself.
You can enter one word for instance ( mentor, newbie, networker )
any word that helps define how YOU want to define further interaction.