1. The Means of Income
  2. Home improvement-Physical upkeep-Environment
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Education/Science
  5. Computer hardware and software, Media
  6. Politics, Social concerns, Philosophy


Alain Lareau
9114 Bronze Bell Cir.
Columbia MD, 21045

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21 Segment online course
Work at home internet business


My approach will be this:
Bring all of you step by step through every nook and cranny of the internet, cyberspace, web, call it what you will, at your own speed of course, in such a way as to cause what I call the EUREKA EFFECT. Where you will see the landscape fall away and form up anew and you will become very aware and cognizant of your own thinking as you pass from one Epiphany to an other
over and over for the duration of the course

I am sure I may loose a few of you that in a highly agitated state produced by these on going epiphanies of ever increasing intensity you could be driven
into utter distraction and drive through a red light, step in front of a bus or walk off a bridge babbling. Alas for others it may be much different. I may be confronted a task akin to that of having a bunch of cavemen fathom Shakespeare's play with in a play.
With some their training need begin with the Clovis point,
indeed a true breakthrough.

Fear not as all are welcome.

But first there is a small matter of tuition, or shall we call it
entrance examination.

1. Beside myself you will have Six other Mentors. (Em3)
2. I myself will give access to your referrals six levels deep through the transparency of the outline and other means.
3. You must agree in principle to act as Mentor to those seven levels deep from yourself.
4. That is minimally pass the GORC outline to your referrals as a training tool and maintain transparency in the outline through you.
5. Sign in as a new member with Cogigen, or not, it is your choice, use the hot spot behind the Cognigen banner ad, no cost.
6. Produce one short essay and a link to be placed in the outline.
7. Then submit five links, one for each of the items in the outline that remain.
That's it.

See Outline


Step One



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