You Tell Me What You Want
The Internet to do for you
and I'll tell you how

My name is Alain Lareau and one of my "handles" on the web is MetaphorMan. I am not the only MetaphorMan, there are others.
How you came to view this page is of great interest to me. Perhaps this is not a great surprise to you, ehy. Ok this may sound lame but this is your first lesson to learn that if you are going to do business on line, you can not be squeamish about asking people to tell you how they came to be interested in what you have. This gives everyone an opportunity to define the terms upon which they choose to interact with you and you gain knowledge of the effectiveness of your advertising. Now you see that this is a good way that WE can "qualify" ourselves to each other. I do request and recommend that you send me an email. From this action I will NOT sell your address or put you on some auto responder or any jazz like that.
I appreciate your correspondence greatly and seek information on how you came to see this page. I advise you well that you should adopt this policy with the people I connect you with if you decide to investigate my offer of mentoring you, or partnering with you in any way.
Folks expect it from me they will expect it from you as well.

Sure I have autoresponders and blogs and splash pages and programs and affiliate commissions and pay per clicks and programs and articles to sell, I have all that crap. I do not wish to coach people though every step of everything, but when folks get jammed up or are just stating out they need the one-on-one don't they.
My system works simply like this, if I can not help you with the trouble you have they I pass you on the line to someone that can. No issue is out of bounds!

So mail me a note, just say hi, ask for help, offer your expertise,
or please just say how you came to see this page, alainelj@yahoo.com
and I will return your mail once in a way that we qualify ourselves
to each other.

No doubt I get a lot of spam at my Yahoo email by posting it this way but that is fine with me.
We share very lucrative and powerful information that can propel your/our online business to mega-success
and get away from the;
blah blah, yada yada..

Much of the crap going around is a tactic to have you submit a name and email, and what ensues is for the submitter is a never ending barrage from an autoresponder that try's to shove program after program down their throat! Done for the sake of some turn key click three times and be on auto pilot illusion. Well not here, I will not do that.
I need your attention and the last thing
I want is to fill your inbox with more clutter.

The biggest truth is just as off the Internet you can make more money with highly trained people than not
and that is why we have to get away from folks feeling like


Yes, feeling like this after they investigate online business ops.

OK, so what I like cats

NO, Please do NOT send me pics of cats.

The main requirement is that you provide people with some form of value - and don't just try to sell them.
Give them valuable information, then they opt in to other things you present, and make sure the opportunities you introduce them to in your follow-up will give THEM the chance to be successful as well.

People are placing a level of trust in you by registering their e-mail address.
Do not abuse their trust.
Well why don't I give an example, you may or may not need Web Hosting.
I can provide that though an affiliate relation ship I have with Bluehost

Here is a banner they provide to me, their service is very good.
If you are only beginning to learn the HTML code I advise you to use Tripod where this page is hosted.
One reason you may want to use Bluehost is that it supports cPannel.

Here is another service that is similar

Success Rewards Action

If you've been struggling to earn the results you dreamed of when you started out, change your approach now.
"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."

My System will give you the start you need to finally have your very own Money Making Operation.
My System lets you choose what kind of program you get involved with while giving you heads up for what NOT to waste time on.

If you need to peek at a 21 block course to put your business on track you can nibble at any point you want, and NOT at the price of joining a LIST for some AUTORESPONDER piping out a lot of crap.

I ask you to shoot me some email and declare your interest. Please qualify yourself as you are willing.
Here is my email.


My Method" and a networking BOND, which is exactly what you can copy if you wish!
I'll provide you my address as well.

Alain Lareau, 9114 Bronze Bell Circle, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

Now here we can have a little HTML training.
Below you see a box and a labeled button, this constitutes a FORM, a very simple one.
I will explain what I would like you to do with it and how it will help me
and you should be able to see what you could use it for.
Here is the code that creates it:

<FORM ACTION="/bin/script_library/form_handler_file" method="post">
<p align="center" valign="middle" background="images/formbg.gif" width="296" height="37">
<input name='email' value='' type="text" maxlength="100" size="35">
<INPUT TYPE=submit value=" go to Outline page ">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="end_display" VALUE="http://metaphorman.tripod.com/gorc3.htm">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="required" VALUE="email"></p>

Suppose you do not want to email me? I'll provide you a way to place a comment.
The text bow can accommodate 100 characters.
In this box will you please describe the the type of help or content you would like to see in the Outline.
Clicking the button brings your browser to the URL in the form that is the VALUE of "end_display"
When you see the outline you can also see your comment or request in the text there.