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I bet I know what you want, more traffic to your site so you may earn more, right? ... and I'll also bet that you want to be able to get it for free, because you are in a budget, right? Now I want to tell you about MY Business method because I want to earn as well and that means I want your email. You knew that, didn't ya' OK, instead of trying to shove program after program down your throat one by one with some asinine auto-responder campaign why not just let you choose which ones you like and think are worthwhile. Let's face it some people are better suited to some programs and vise versa.

We will start with Banner ads, hey lots of people think these are old hat but here me out. If you have Banner Ads not shown here, send them over and I'll post them. They will stay until someone else asks for that spot just as you are untitled to ask for spots you see now. Tell me which ones and I'll switch the ID's. I will continue to do this until the list of banners gets to large to manage or request for additions or changes become too frequent. For now this is a great training tool for my HTML students but it is also a way to get networked with people. Many of the banners I am going to show you do not have MY links as many are for traffic exchanges and sites like them. I just do not have the time to use them. Every couple of weeks as I update pages like this one I pick up affiliate status in this one or that one but the whole purpose of a page like this is to show people the way, that is what you really need right. Well trading banners with people is an important part of that.

In this page hopefully before I die we will have investigated every posible way to increase page traffic to your site. Hey I am going to die and someone else is going to have to take over this page, there will always be something to ad. Why wait, if you want to pick up on this topic and copy this content and edit it and bring it along BE MY GUEST, but for now we will talk about TE's (Traffic Exchanges) and banners, I like banners.


referencing "banners" "Traffic Exchanges" or "post my ID's please" will be treated private and confidential, will not be traded to third parties without your consent and will not be added to a mailing list of any kind!

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