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Hi, my name is Alain Lareau. My System as you remember promises not to place you on a list used by an autoresponder to "market" program after program, instead I am "marketing" "My Method" and allowing you chance for discussion and review of what you think is right for you. The Programs and Opurtunities I am posting here vary in terms of start up cost from near $500.00 to NIL and are arranged so for good reason. When you evaluate the many internet business propositions you see pushed at you on the web you may be thinking, this thing seams like a good idea but will the start up cost be an obstacle to recruiting people AS YOU SHOULD BE. The commitment of what kind of time people will devote to a business of this nature is a great factor. However what kind of money people are willing to fork up can not be the measuring stick of their seriousness. The BUDGET IS the BUDGET that IS cut and dry. My System builds a network by competing to be the one stop shopping spot for what ever is the missing ingredient that you need to help get you started, help your people get rolling and help those beyond to stay the course!

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Now it is time to go to school.
Below you see a list of product/service categories offered though Cognigen
Your task is to pick a category or two and "showcase" it.
The first step is to go see the "cyberspace" where you would bring your prospect customers.

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Long Distance, Quality 1+ and in-bound Toll Free Service at discounted rates from 3.89 per minute.
Local Service, Local and long distance telephone services in a bundle help you save money.
Dial-Arounds, Get better IN-state and International rates without switching your Long Distance.
Calling Cards, Top notch billed and prepaid services that will save you money anytime. Make calls from almost any country!
Voice Messaging, Leverage your time with unified messaging, distribution lists, and interactive recruiting messages.
Internet Access, We offer High-Speed DSL, T1, and Dial-Up services that deliver for much less! We also offer an outstanding spam filtration service.
Satellite TV, Deeply discounted digital satellite systems from DISH Network, the leader in Digital Satellite Television!
Wireless Service, Discount cellular/PCS and paging services through providers like Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Pagenet and more!
Conference Calling, Discount conference calling perfect for business meetings, family reunions, and social events.
Computers, Need a custom computer or laptop? Our new dealer-direct relationship will ensure you find what you are looking for at the lowest possible price!
Home Security, Protect your home or business with security systems from Protect America. FREE equipment, with monitoring contract.
I-Net Telephony, Did you know that today's VoIP Technology makes it possible for you to place calls over the internet for pennies on the dollar?
International Service, If you live outside of the USA and make phone calls, then you need to check out these services.
Web ServicesDiscount ISP Dial-Up Service, DSL Service, T1 Service, Web Hosting - everything you need to get on the net at a fraction of the retail price.

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