How to market the

..and how not to!

Showcase item #1


MyWorldPLUS is relativly new so it is useful to be watching it.
The program offers discounts to members on purchases from listed vendors.

Two squeeze pages are offered (A.K.A. a lead capture page)
plus a third that provides an inside look to some degree,
and a movie with Shockwave.

I have not seen a banner from the company but I have seen people using these.

Do you see any problems here? Well are these banners aiming to the target market at all?
I do not think so. The impulse seams aimed at the MLM'er for developing additional income stream. OK, let's look at that, the payout for members is small for those not having developed personally enrolled members. The payout can be large for those with Three personally enrolled members, this is referred to as a "3 Star". You can get a sense of this here.
You can see then that any benefits to members until they have come to the 3 star mark are solely derived from the savings from discount purchases with vendors so let's look at that.

The Movie does a good job of highlighting the savings for members.