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OK Joe, here it is.

These first groups will vary, what does stay the same in algebra are the ground rules

When solving equations subtract or add terms first then multipy or divide afterward

for instance 36x+17= -5

solve for x ,, inother words get x by itself alone on one side of the equals sign

if I subtract 17 from both sides of the equals sign then

what is left on both sides should stay equal, yes?

In Algebra we do not realy subtract 17 instead we add a negative 17 ,, +(-17)

so we get 36x = -22

now to get x by itself we divide 36x by 36, remember, a number divided by itself equals one.

then one times x is x . But to keep the equation equal we must also divide the -22 by 36

we get x = -11/18

solve for x

1) 44x +17 = -5

2) 36x +2 = 20

3) 3x -6 = 27

4) 2x - y = 10 -2y

now just in case the name (terms) trips you up here are some problems to simplify

5) -6a + 20a +3b

6) 2a +5b +7c +( 3a -b -2c +2d)

7) (7x -2xy +3 -z) + (3x -xy -4y -z)

now again I hope this is review for you

x times x is x squared

4 times 2x is 8x right?

8) so what is 3a times b ?

9) what is 3a times 2b ?

a times b times c, i.e. (a)(b)(c) = abc

solve for x

10) -x +12 = 5

11) 36xy +2 = 20y

12) 3x -5 = -7

13) 2xz = 10y

14) make equation and solve

a bag of socks is sold for $7.00 as a tax included price.

the tax is 3.5%.

what is the tax amount in this sale?

15) one square is twice the area of an other

what is the length of the side of the larger if the length of the side of the smaller is 1.

For review see this page combining like terms.
I should like for you to get a handle on the concept of real numbers

Pre-Algebra topics

Numeric Fractions
Decimal numbers, power of 10, rounding
Operations with Signed Numbers
Exponents and operations on exponents
Divisibility and Prime Numbers
Roman numerals
Inverse operations for addition and multiplication, reciprocals
Evaluation of expressions, parentheses
Distributive, associative, commutative properties, FOIL
Inequalities, trichotomy
Linear Equations, Graphs, Slope
Percentage and Pie Charts
Number Line
Contact me anytime for aid on anything covered so far
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