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Lesson 2

OK , First a silly question, Do you have an e-mail acount?
,,,yes - skip over by cliking here,,,

But if you don't you should sign up now!
These are just a few places to set up free E-mail accounts
When you sign up for a home page at most servers
it is best to have an e-mail acount set up before hand.

The Philosophy of investigation

There is much to be said about learning on your own , and enduring all the trial and mishaps involved. However, some times for expiediance sake you need a coach , but we don't want to spoon feed you either. What you are in investigating or in the process of discovering is a man made system , that works or some times doesn't work, but is in a constant state of flux, which is driven by a desire to make things better, and improve. A lack of desire to change equals no change, death, or degeneration. But the man made is juxtaposed to that that is, the undiscovered reality, of God's universe, which is also in a contant flux of change. But the rules governing its change are unchanging, reflecting the unchangingness of God, a hotly debated point in Theology. So we are investigating a man made system whose rules of change, change! and keep in mind the rules of our investigations method change as we change esle we die. Knowledge is not simply infomation but rather the Art of Discovering!

OK Let's Go --- Now to set up your 1st web page I suggest Angelfire

Lesson 3

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