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Alain Lareau is my name and Integration is my game.

There is a lot out there on the web about many of these things but not all in one place. What I will do is review many sites for you and give you some feedback. Meanwhile I will put in a plug for myself and the company I work for.

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Parts of this site will constitute an essay in that I will approach this larger topic in terms that I would do this type of stuff in my own home. For my own home my initial impulse is what can I do with my two fireplaces, one in the basement and one in the living room.

OK, just in case you live on west coast US you can go see the folks at
Advanced Heating Inc. out of Portland.
They do not do what I am looking for right now, understand my fireplaces are inserts as is, they have fire brick in them but are not set under brick chimneys.
You can read this patent description to get an idea of what I would employ.

Fireplace flue heat exchanger and control - Patent 4270513.

If you are mulling over plans for new construction you should look at the Fire Rock product. Pay attention to two particular pages.

see through
metal chimney