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By Alain Lareau

The Outline

  1. Income to the Home
    1. Hache Financial
    2. Start with Zilch
    3. You Tell Me
    4. Get paid for Surveys
    5. Income from Artwork
    6. Medical Studies
    7. Maryland Lottery
  2. Home improvement, - Physical upkeep, - Environment
    1. Monolithic Dome institute
    2. 21st. Century Home Smart House with Solar Heat plus
    3. Weatherization Assistance Program
    5. Grainger industrial supply catalog
    6. Community Forklift
    7. HUD index home page
    8. HUD homes page for the list of single family programs.
    9. Grants
  3. Those categories pertaining to the biology of the inhabitants of the home
    1. Discover How 9 Out Of 10 Parents
      Are Poisoning Their Children With Common Household Cleaners
    2. Child Safety
    3. Live Long and Prosper
    4. Humor
    5. Quality Health dot com
    6. The Fragility of Evolution - Michael Susko
  5. Those categories pertaining to the input to and Development of the Mind
    1. Education Massachusetts School of Law
      I am pleased to bring to your attention a set of web sites for Parents
      Howard Public Education
      Baltimore Coalition for Community Schools
      Anne Arundel County Special Education Citizens' Advisory Committee
      Baltimore SECAC
      Carroll County
    2. Science
    3. Poetry
    4. Geometry
  6. Those categories pertaining to the input and output of the home
    1. Music
    2. HTML school (learn to build web pages)
    3. FMNN
    4. Morse Code
    6. Monstercrawler
    7. More at

Adding a seventh category

A few days ago I answered a question for someone. I was compelled to give a very good answer, not a sound byte. This made me decide to open a seventh spur in my Outline to give my self and others a chance to say they do worship without needing to tell others how to worship
This below I post again as it was last week.

The question was; "Do Scientists believe in God?

I teach a coarse titled Industrial Certifications. The first class block is Science, and there we define "Industrial Science". Pure science is much connected with research and the theoretician while Applied Science is more connected with economics and the engineer. Science has at heart one aim not always articulated and that is to inform the "Culture of the Day". We can call this Popular Science and this is a very important thing. It is the "how" in transmitting the discovery to the Public. There is a layer in between the Popular Science and the more formal kinds of Science that is vital to healthy economics. Most people would recognize it naming it "Vocational Technology". Economic Science would be a good name but too easily confused with the Science of Economics, (which really isn't to far away from being the same thing) so better it is to use the term Industrial Science. This suits us because under this umbrella we can, with ease, place all the skilled trades (both manufacturing and construction), all the safety certifications, chemical concerns, physical and electrical, dealing with installation, processing and even extraction of raw materials. Include also some of the impulse of the popular Science to inform the present day culture as to what are the "Hypothesis" available to us to effectively operate with in today's world.

Now the task to define Science itself. This is a big part of the Popular Science because many people really do not know. Science looks for explanations, and asks for some additional means of proof as to the how's and the why's of things. Science might at some times get very wrapped up in our sense perceptions and at other times do its best to push beyond sense perception and even call our senses untrustworthy. One impulse very much a part of science endeavors to build a base of referenced proof outside of the body of the culture of the day. What is an acceptable level of proof can change over time and is a bit different in the various fields of study. When a scientist says he knows something he is compelled to say why he knows it and how he came to know it. The "knowing" must be transmitted, (or transmittable), using a description, or perhaps a metaphor. The scientist talks about a "what" in a way that wants us to use our sense perception in a new way or perhaps stretch our imagination beyond a limitation in our perception. The scientist talks about a "how" in a way that he wants us to shed away an assumption in our cultural frame of reference and offers us proofs that should help us see into cause and effect and process in a new way. When a scientist is talking to you about the "why" of a thing, watch out, he is trying to win you to Science for the sake of Science. The truth is we really do not know much of the why and it is a wonderful thing to make a living by asking "why?". In fact a scientist knows he is doing a good job when solving problems he ends up with more questions afterward than before!


I will treat you just as I do my students.

This approach works for any age group, especially kids because they do not get board so fast. Many very important fundamental experiments in Physics are done with just plain air.

The one great thing about using atmosphere as the subject of study is that everyone can get their hands on it, at very low cost, and the samples are very low in variation. OK, we are talking about air, just plain air. What kind of certifications pertain to air, just plain air?, you might ask. Well ask. That is your first homework assignment. Ask yourself some questions, get ready with lots of questions! The HVAC technician deals with atmosphere all the time, it is the one part of the world we share that no one yet has been able to divide up and partition. The atmosphere still belongs to all of us despite the the so called air space we protect above our lands.

The atmosphere does have structure. There are differences in pressure and temperature and density also composition all in slight degree. This is the first thing I introduce because it is a lesson in perception.

There have been, in the past some very good scientific proofs for the existence of God. That you seam to be unaware of this is a slight problem. I will try to get at it a different way. I hold Evolution to be a fact, while I disagree with Darwin's Theory. I disagree with the Big Bang Theory which I hold to be a Creation Myth but I believe in God. As a scientist it is not my job to tell anyone how to worship.

Our task is not to tear down heaven, but to perceive it in a new way.

I see the existence of God in everything I study,
and I cry with joy all the time!

  1. Worship and Religion
  1. The Means of Income
  2. Home improvement-Physical upkeep-Environment
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Education/Science
  5. Computer hardware and software, Media
  6. Politics, Social concerns, Philosophy

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