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http://www.sciencechatforum.com/bulletin/index.php Essay on Nuclear Stability Nucleonics Matrix
Visit Yinon Bentor's pages of the Periodic Table at chemical elements.
Visit Windows to the Universe at
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).
a very good sorce of visuals.
Space.com has an image gallery that can show you the latest Hubble shots.
Juptter's Moons at Space.com
Take a look at the x-ray data from the CHANDRA observatory Chandra Special Features
Visit The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology .

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A Fresh Look at Element Distribution in the North Pacific
Elements(Text Link)
Conservative Elements in Seawater
Elements (Graphical Link)
GEOL 206 Notes: Seawater Composition
Oceanography Textbooks- - G to H
Oceanography Textbooks- - G to H
Major Constituents of the Continental Crust
Siemann's HTML Page
Chemical Properties of Seawater
Seawater chemistry - major constiuents
Chemical Elements.com - An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Chemical Elements.com - An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Chemical Elements.com - Neutrons
Lithium ion battery
Clues to Earth's Wobble Come from Within
APS Virtual Pressroom -April 1998 Lay Language Papers

Physics News

Physics News 10, November 27, 1990
Physics News 29, April 11, 1991
Physics News 115, February 25, 1993
Physics News 147, October 13, 1993
Physics News 195, September 20, 1994
Physics News 230, June 14, 1995
Physics News 247, November 2, 1995
Physics News 289, October 3, 1996
Physics News 318, April 23, 1997
Latest Physics News
Latest Physics News
Physics News 360, February 25, 1998
Physics News 364, March 27, 1998
Physics News 435, June 21, 1999
Physics News 444, August 19, 1999
Physics News 459, November 29, 1999
Physics News 469, February 2, 2000
Physics News 470, February 10, 2000
Physics News 518, December 28, 2000
Chandra Resources - Glossary
Time Line: 800BC-700AD
The info at this website will help you get aquainted with the mechanics of the Earth's orbit and axil tilt:

Learn about how a young boy with no education can still discover geometry. Plato's Meno
MCM Electronics has a site with a great selection of gadgets
M104 Hubble Image (new) a must see!
Look at the Leap Frog site.
Santa gave my daughter a LeapPad this year and I am very pleased with it.
Check Workforcedevelopment

See a good group of links posted at AstrophysicsGroupWest.

There are some very nice and easy to view photo albums at
Theoretical Physics, Cosmology, and other Sciences MSN Groups.
NASA Quest includes a full suite of online resources.

Two additions to the Hubble telescope will sit on the ground if NASA indeed cancels the shutle servicing mission. For more see NewsCenter at the Hubble site.

The Brightest Stars, as Seen from the Earth
Sirius A: αCMa A, HR2491, HD48915, BD-16į1591, HIP32349
Alpha Canis Majoris
Alpha Canis Majoris
CI -
More Information

New Horizons -- mission home page

Grand Theft Pluto -- (Science@NASA) New Horizons flew past Jupiter on Feb. 28th and stole some velocity for its trip to Pluto

Alien Volcano -- (Science@NASA) When New Horizons flew past Jupiter on Feb. 28th, the spacecraft snapped a picture of a volcanic eruption on Io that amazed even longtime experts in the field.

Jupiter Flyby Photo Gallery

NASA's Future: The Vision for Space Exploration

There are probably thousands of article directories on the web today
but not all of them will pay off for you when you submit to them.
Here are a few that will:
World Wide Information Outlet
Listed in Planet Ocean's Top 10 Places to Submit Your Articles.
Submitting your articles to any, or all, of these "authority article directories"
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III - IV Hybrid
In this study their target was the protein gp41, one of several proteins in the HIV-1 virus that are "displayed" on the surface of HIV-1-infected cells. After obtaining antibodies that would latch specifically onto gp41, the researchers tagged them with two different radioisotopes, bismuth 213 and rhenium 188.

This study used monoclonal antibodies to HIVís gp120 and gp41 envelope proteins, tagged with bismuth 213 and rhenium 188 respectively, and tested their relative effectiveness at eliminating HIV-infected white blood cells in the test tube. The white blood cells infected by HIV, lymphocytes, are amongst the cells most sensitive to radiation in the human body, so even a very small dose delivered directly to a lymphocyte is enough to kill it.

Scientific American
Researchers have already found success against certain cancers by attaching radioactive isotopes to antibodies that seek out tumor cells. So the team linked radioactive bismuth 213 and rhenium 188 to antibodies designed to stick to two HIV proteins (gp41 and gp120) displayed on the surface of infected cells.

General Chemistry Online
Research Tools



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