When I realized that there may not be a one best ordering of these shells or layers of nucleons I gave some thought as to what would it be like if the the nucleous were fluid and vibrating about so to speak. I then knew I would have to define the internal contraint associated with close packing and perhaps as well correlate the compleated proton shells as well. I had to come up with a way to index this data so at that point I dropped all this and started to develope the---

The Incremental Table of Atomic Isobars

Most often the occurence of the stable isotopes are displayed in graph form with proton number on the left side and nuetron number on the bottom edge. The data is then a somewhat diagonal line from bottom left to top right. This is not an image that affords the mind any ease to attache high ideas or metaphorical notions upon it. One web page I had come across in my research came close to what I was thinking. I set a link here for that page show just what kind of very useful infomation can be correlated on such a chart.

Proposed is a chart form with collume values of ( n = p-1 ), ( n = p ), ( n = p+1 ), etc. and row values of number of nucleons. This image has a much greater facillity to convey real ideas of organizing princple.
,,,, EXAMPLE ,,,,

What I would like to do now is to set before you the table you viewed with the caption cosmos with the earth's crust elements included.
,,,, see table ,,,,

Please now spend some time getting aquinted with Seawater.