The following are links to pages detailing the composition of the Earth's oceans.

Marine links
Institute of Marine Studies
Michael G. Siemann
Distribution of Compounds in Seawater
This table provides some revealing features of the compounds that make up the composition of seawater.
Composition of seawater
There are >70 elements dissolved in seawater but only 6 make up >99% of all the dissolved salts; all occur as ions
Elements in Seawater
Highlighted elemental symbol for more information on it in seawater.
Elements in Seawater
Chemical Oceanography/Trace Metals home page.
Geology of the Hydrothermal Field
Oceanography Textbooks
S. Baum Dept. of Oceanography Texas A&M University
Week 1
Oceanography combines several scientific disciplines:
Week 7: The composition of seawater
Seawater is a complex "soup" containing dissolved salts, gases, nutrients, and trace elements.
A Fresh Look at Element Distribution in the North Pacific
Yoshiyuki Nozaki, Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Japan
Conservative Elements in Seawater
de Villiers, S. and Nelson, B.K.
Encyclopędia Britannica
The six most abundant ions of seawater are

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