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OK, I will just break the ice rather quickly here. The horendous specticale ongoing within the US, the media circus, the vilinous attack upon the President, the outright and blatent treason has provoked me to wright to you in a pungent tone.
If the President of the US is impeached, we are all in serious trouble, I mean everyone in the world and billions of children not yet born.

Beyond the obvious question of who's interest does it serve to take down of the office of the presidentcy, ask how is your personal interest served if you sit and let it happen. Regardless of where you live in the world your life is at risk coming into the short term. "Well Alain tell me something I don't know" you might say sarcasticly. OK then!

"Houston, We have a problem"

Our problem? People suffer from one of two problems; one they have no conception of what to do and how to make effective action- how to organize or they don't believe anything is wrong

point 1

The impeachment process outined in the US constitution was never meant to oust a sitting president for sexual inpropriaty, it is however a last ditch safe guard to protect against the misuse of power of office in terms of Tyrany, or Treason against the principle of government of, for, and by the people

point 2

What actions of Pesident Clinton are respondsible for insiting the attacks upon him? Who would consider William Jefferson Clinton such a threat that they would launch an Assasination?

point 3

It is absolutly clear that if this impeachment process proceds the result will be the take down of the US government as is its intention. The object of the attack is not just to stimie the Office of the Presidentcy during a global criss in the monatary system but to uliminate the Nation-State concept of government on this planet.

point 4

Why is this realy the issue? If you are oblivious to the monatary crisis in Japan, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, you must wake up and help others wake up. If you are oblivious to the food problems in Albania, Korea, most of Africa, you must wake up and help others wake up. If you are oblivious to the marouding facist armies lose in Serbia, Congo, to Colombia held captive by drug lords, OK get the picture?

The present monatory and finacial system is doomed for sure, when it collapses who do you want to be charge of reorganizing a new system? The elected representatives of governments or the banking elite with their patrons of the Oligarcy

New Committee Formed to Save the U.S. Presidency

I may need your help. If I were an Abraham Lincoln I would have eloquent prose to provoke the minds of those presenting themselves hardy enough to absorb the full measure of reality, and as well steel their constitutions with optimisum nessesary to move them beyond the existance of a mearly informed bystander. Humbly then I submit to you that meager prose which I am capable. A responce to the encroching planetary jepardy is the subject of my insigation. "Global" jepardy indeed, immenant and dire! Not Meteors not Global Warming not Nuclear Waste or radiation. But the slow continued disntegration of the human-life-supporting side of the economies of all nations on this planet will relinquish their respective populations over to every parisite in existance from simple bacteria and fungi to the most leathal, the Wall St. Stock Broker, and his Malthusian master.
War loards, pandemic desease and cannibalism portend to rule the day if the course of history is not changed from it's present curvature. Do not look for a single event to mark the onslaut of this conditiion as with each passing day the world's food supply falls more and more short of meeting the needs of those alive today's humanity becomes a more ripe Petri dish for resurgent contagians to breed upon; a more beastialised populace for worlords and thugs to recruit from and terrorize; and a more hedonistic culture willingly accepting the vampires ethos as something within the definition of human nature. Examine please the potential for hydrogen fusion as an unlimited energy resource amidts the millions set starving by the lack of available food, the millions left uneducated who had they been educated would never let things get this bad. As well now consider those that are sufficiently educated enough to know that the suffuring is neither ordained nor nessesary that sit wimpering and wringing thier hands saying " but the power brokes are to strong they control to much!". Sadly yes! They control. For anything that threatens thier way of life they smash. And then there are the good hearted people who would have change, change the curvature of history and mount great efforts to over come their fear. Alas! They only lack one thing,
---The optimisum born from the forsight that we will win;
in the end those that make it so are what we need!

` Where'the Enemy, to which direction do we loose our missiles, to what fonts do we set our troups. The war is a battle of Ideas, and so the task is first to expose to view the heart of the evil; we must destroy that which seeks to retard Human Beings into beasts. We must mount the courage to save and promote in people that spark, The very quality that separates mankind from the rest of the animal kingdom. That is the enemy, that that would render people beastlike and incapable of recognizing their own Humanity