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Lesson 1

Here are some links to pages of people who are Familiar to me on the chat boxes. You can look at their home pages to get aquainted to some of the things that HTML can do and what it can't do, keep in mind every page on the web you have seen so far is built with HTML.
  1. The Light Eternal
  2. Princess Ariel

The program that you use to view Web sites (HTML documents) is called a browser. You are probably useing netscape right now, there are some other examples of browsers you can investigate. Lynx for instance, Microsoft Internet Explorer. Your browser is pointed to the location in the address window, this is called a URL, Uniform Resource Locator. The programs that supply the information to the browsers are called servers. A Web server is also the place you store and publish your own web pages.
Q: Is there an easy way to convert a text file to a Web Page?
A: Yes! In fact that is a good way to learn about HTML stucture protocol
You can visit the Webmonkey at angelfire to familarize your self with some of terms and tools of the trade. Also a nice place to visit is the Consortium.

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