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The Get Out of the Rut Club (GORC)

The Master Mentoring Matrix (Em3)


to provide a fail-safe safety net against
your downline fallout
with a seven member deep "Mentoring Team"

We bring you though a 21 block training program to set up a money making business on the Internet. We do not just tell you how to set yourself up, We show you and at each step you Customised Your Web Business Machine!

My Business Strategy is Very, Very Simple...

I aim to set YOU up on the Internet and give you the knowledge, the tools and the system, that will allow you to be hugely successful.

If you've been trying to market on the Internet for any length of time, you must be just as angry and fed up as I am with people who only want to sign you up, take your money, then send you off on your own with a few useless ebooks. Well, all that is about to change...

I don't want your money! I could easily sell this system for $1,000 or $2,000 or even $10,000, but I won't do it. Why? Because I don't like money? Absolutely not! I like money so much that I don't want to give away my valuable system for a measly few thousand dollars. I want much more than that. I want to set you up in such a way that part of your success flows on to me! Because I know that if you let me help you set this up the way I show you, your success is guaranteed for life.

I believe you can make money out of almost any Network Marketing Program as long as you go in with a proven strategy of how to fill your downline, and how to show your downline how to do the same. In other words, you need a recruiting system that anyone can use.

It is usually not the program that fails. The reason so many people fail in Network Marketing is because they don't have a system, like the Simple Profit Setup Business Building System, to take care of all their own AND their downline's advertising and recruiting.

Even if you can recruit it is not enough. You need to be able to show your downline how to recruit, or you won't have a business. And for that you need this system.

Remember, there is the most incredibly huge market of Newbies out there, desperate to be just given a simple business tool, like this Simple Profit Setup System, to start them off on their new career. They are looking for a way to free them from their daily grind so that they can actually live their lives instead of just existing. Now YOU can give them what they so desperately want!

When you get the Simple Profit Setup Business Package with everything customised in your name, you also get the rights to offer it as an incentive for people to join under you.

Now lets talk about the bottom line.
How much does all this cost?

All the Content and Strategy I offer is Absolutely FREE

You see, everything I am offering here, I regard as added value to signing up for your web hosting and domain name and any of our recommended income programs via my sign-up links. (You'll find our recommended programs on the next page.)

That's right. All of this is the Unfair Advantage you have over anyone else trying to market these programs.

Who would YOU go to? Someone just advertising the program's URL, or someone offering not just the program, but all of this strategy and content as well for absolutely free? That is obviously a no brainer. Everyone will want what you are offering.

And everyone can afford the ridiculously low monthly spend for domain name and hosting services, which is much less than what you would normally pay for these services you need anyway.

My Only Condition
on giving you the complete Simple Profit Setup System is...

...that you sign up for your web hosting and domain name (required) and any of our recommended income programs (optional) via the sign-up links on the next page.

This strategy also works for you. Every person that you offer this package must sign up for their web hosting and domain name under you and look at your income programs before you send them your package.

This is the viral benefit that flows down the line. This is how the growth in your downlines really explodes.

The Simple Profit Setup Business Building Package is easily worth thousands of dollars. It is like having your very own business consultant designing and setting up an Automated Self-Perpetuating Self-Growing Home Based Business just for you.

Your Success
Is Guaranteed For Life!

This is the best offer you'll ever get! You will be charged exactly $0.00 to receive your Simple Profit Setup Business Package with your Guaranteed Success Blueprint.

The package will be delivered to you immediately after you have signed up for your hosting account and domain name and any of our other recommended income programs.

Please realize that a hosting account and a domain name are the first things you need. Without that you don't have a place anywhere on the Internet to upload your web pages to.

This strategy is beautiful in its simplicity.

1. The system works for me to get signups.

2. I give it to you so you can get signups.

3. You give it to your customers so they can get signups and so on.

4. Pretty soon you have people filling each of your downlines.

5. Each of these people also has all the essential tools for success, so all their work will benefit you as well.

Success is that simple, when you have the right strategy.

Your Next Step:

Get Your Hosting Account And Domain Name And Start Your Passive Income Streams

Ahh... The excitement of having your own profitable business running on almost total auto pilot on the Internet, watching your passive income growing month after month, until one day soon you can kiss your boss good-bye for ever and FINALLY live your dream of the life style you deserve...

Make your dream come true... Sign Up Now for your hosting account and domain name and the income generating program(s) of your choice...


I am running my home based business as a Web Tutor, that is I teach people how to use the HTML code. I do lots of things but for starters I show folks how to spice up their email with HTML that produces the affect of personal stationary.
This I do at no chage, I have a few web pages set up that you may visit if you would like to do this at your own pace. I update these pages as people ask questions that means that the contents of these pages are question driven. There are tons of sites that will inform you on HTML coding and you don't need me to use them but sometimes it is good to be able to ask for input from a human being. My handle is MetaphorMan, you can find many of my pages with a search in just about any search engine for MetaphorMan.
click here to visit the Web Tutor page
If I can be of any help to you feel free to contact me with tutor in the subject box.
I am not "strickly commercial", the internet is a great benifit but is not being use the best way it could be. Sometimes I showcase a product in these mailings, other times I post a link to my Store-front but always I am showing people how HTML code works and how they can make it work for them in their email.
I will help you make a home base business
provided you are willing to help others learn to develop
their own personal email stationary at no charge,
just as I am doing here.


Alain Lareau 443-801-2799

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