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My name is Alain Lareau and I am in the business of dispersing information. Yes, I would like to get you involved in doing the same, to whatever degree you are inclined. For now I am happy to simply make available to you the URL for one of my web sites. This web page is a menu of links to other sites that are grouped into topics and categorizes. I provide information for free. For example, I think it is absurd that any U.S. citizen should be compelled to pay someone to be informed about Government grants and loans programs. My menus show folks how to get it on the web the right way, the easy way, and if need be I get it for them.

If you want to start an internet home business on a shoestring, you can do that. If you can't find what you need, I'll help, but I ask that you do the same for others at some point that you become adept.
I believe everyone has something to offer. I contend that with this technology at our fingertips many of the old obstacles melt away. If you want to learn more about HTML coding, look me up and you will get tutored. If I am not expert at what you need I'll put you in contact with someone who is.


  • To investigate some of the many ways to Start with Zilch.
  • The NutriFun International product line has been, continues to be, and is poised to remain at the cutting edge of nutritional supplement research,
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  • You can download the Sterolin Report in pdf format and discover for your self what the microbiologists are all jumping around about.
  • Join us on the conference call every Monday night 9pm EST - 6pm west coast to get the news first hand. 212-461-5860 #2333
  • I have a good deal of information about Government Grants and Loans I would be happy to share with you provided you agree to distribute the same information freely and without charge. If you would like to see how we present this information visit the page of the project we have launched in Baltimore.
  • You can observe how well suited the Paychecks For Life program is for any number of home based businesses by using this link and find the sign up box for the Nine Free Reports.

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