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I. The Means of Income, the access to the market basket


Self Employment, "Start with Zilch".
The internet affiliate starter guide organized by:
The Get Out of the Rut Club (GORC)

We are the GORC
Resistance is futile

I will coach you through everything. You set the pace.
The sooner you start the more I can show you.
I will walk you through every step.

You should not just "sign up". You should contact me. I will set you some tasks.
You tell me how you want to move forward. It is that simple.
The purpose of this page it NOT to grab your email, put you on some autoresponder
and try to drive program after program down your throat.
I don't do that. It is not my style!

You can contact me by email. You can post a message in the guest book.
You can call me on the phone. You can even write to me a postage letter.

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Alain Lareau
9114 Bronze Bell Cir.
Columbia MD, 21045

If you cannot wait and feel you must do something now on your own, by all means,
click this link and look for Opportunity at the bottom right of that page.
This company is totally legit and is a good baseline reference for what an online Biz-Op
should look like and smell like.

This one is a prelaunch status op. and may have very good potential.
Now you CAN HAVE entertainment 4 less and GET PAID BIG TIME at the SAME TIME!
Many, most! prelaunch ops. are scams.
I have been looking at E4L for a while, I don't think it will hurt to get in this one.

If the happenstance is that you have no web space at your disposal for page hosting
I recommend GDI, if you decide to take this service you can count on
my fullest assistance helping you to be successful.
Get your .ws site now and refer your friends.
Potential for $750.00 a month earnings in the near and extended medium term.
This is a modest projection.

Here is a tutorial site for you to try.
Affiliate Classroom

Getting into the wrong business!

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We have all the right ingredients in all the right steps.

This system is PERFECT for people who have no time, and no experience. Our seven level mentoring system will DO THE WORK FOR YOU. We will follow up, get sales, enroll members & train you and your team while you are learning the system yourself.

If you're skeptical, (Gee, who isn't on the Internet?) then we challenge you, do the steps at your own pace without spending a dime!

That's right, experience it first! Why buy before you try?
The demo is the business and the business is the demo.

Then you decide if it's going to work for you!

Yeah, we know! We Know! There are literally 1000's of programs, systems, opportunities, and money-making (usually losing!) internet businesses out there and yes, each one claims to be the best.

It won't cost you a red cent to try our REVOLUTIONARY Internet Marketing System, and you will not be obligated what-so-ever, ever.

In fact, I am so confident in this system that I advise you to save this email as a draft because you will be sending out a letter soon.

When you are on the site look around but do the right step and you will you will confirm your position. That's all you need to do to get started.
You need to absorb what you can but do not push yourself. Take your time, there are 21 steps.

Stay in touch.
You will get the next step just by asking for it.

Feel free to email me and just chat!
To Your Success

Alain Lareau

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