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They say "will pay to paypal in increments of $100"
Seams to pay for surveys but are very advertiser driven
I get mail from, this is typical of what I get from them

"We have received your registration for participating in our Market Research Surveys. We are inviting participants to fill out the following surveys and offers. Please follow the link to fill out these registrations."

"As a participant, you will be paid $ 53.0 for full completed Surveys and Offers in your PandaResearch account.

Did you notice the phrase "full completed Surveys and Offers", well the word Offers means you get get to choose which company you will spend money with in order to get some money back, if you get the drift.

For instance this is one of the links in my email they ask me to click

New York Times : Begin Survey... $ 20 ...
I get seven yes or no questions and a submit button.

So after I click seven of the radio inputs and click Submit this is what I get!

New York Times

To be eligible for the New York Times offer you need to follow the following steps

1)Complete this survey.

2)Apply for the New York Times Offer.

3)Get paid $20 in your panda research account.

To Continue please press the button below.

So based on this limited investigation I do not recomend Panda Research.
They make money by skimming off purchases you/we make and with affiliate clicks they send to their clients. That's the way it seams to me. If they do not like what I say they can sue me.

Quality Health dot com
Quality Health dot com HAS indeed sent to me, in the mail, a free sample as a favor for filling out a short survey about the health concerns of my self and family members. You will not make a lot of money there but the site content is first rate and well worth a visit.
p.s. if you like QH and would like to promote trafic to the site for them as an affiate contact me and I will give you pointers on how to do it.

Below is from
Katie's Hugs

You can work at home taking surveys for free.  First off, you NEVER have to pay a website to get a list of paid online survey sites.  My only request for your using my list is to bookmark this page and come back often.  I have tried to only list TRUE survey companies.  I have done my best to make sure the survey sites that are trying to sell stuff are not included.  If you find a research company that I missed please let me know.
Please don't believe all the hype.  You will NOT make thousands of dollars a month getting paid for surveys.  Survey companies offer paying surveys all the time but they are also looking for certain criteria.  You will not always meet this criteria so you won't qualify for each and every paid survey offer you recieve.  One day you might qualify and make $50, another day you might qualify and make $10.  You might not qualify for another week for anything.  So... You CAN make $50 an hr but you won't make $50 an hr, eight hours a day, 5 days a week.  If you realize this and still want to take surveys you WILL have a lot of fun, make a little extra money for holidays, dinners out etc., and get a lot of cool products to try out at home. 
I have a very extensive free list of survey sites that pay and will try to add a few more paid survey sites as I find them.   I have marked my favorite ones for you because I am often asked which ones I like best.  These are my personal favorites and this does not make the others any less great!  The more you sign up with the more offers you get!
Take a few moments and look over our new message board.  This is where we all get together to keep up to date on the latest paying surveys, mystery shopping jobs and great free stuff.
Private Members-Only Website SURVEY CLUB
SURVEY CLUB sends mail to asking that I participate in their sureys for CASH. The link in the email is redirect code, my browser then displays and I find I am loged in already. That's Ok but I am asked to post emails of two friends and there are no links to any surveys at all. The way in is to click the "Special Report" link then you get a list of the top 25 payers.
Survey Explosion's website says How would you like to make up to $150 an hour...
Your2Cents Survey Center
sends mail that says; as a member of an online panel that makes you an instant cash winner of $1 to $5 every time you qualify for and complete a survey! I gave it a shot, but I opted out before typing in the birthdays of my children.
GetPaidToTry sends me mail giving me surveys to do, one that I clicked sent me to WINNING Surveys dot com. The survey I did seamed endless and was totaly commercial. Top Paid Surveys Online 6 Weeks $37.97 Survey Scout 6 Weeks $34.95
Consumer Su Pajama Paycheck 6 Weeks $34.95 Expre$$ Paid Survey 6 Weeks $34.95