All Isobars to the Atomic weight 16

He-3 H-3
Li-4 He-4 H-4
Li-5 He-5
Be-6 Li-6 He-6
B-7 Be-7 Li-7 He-7
C-8 B-8 Be-8 Li-8 He-8
C-9 B-9 Be-9 Li-9 He-9
C-10 B-10 Be-10 Li-10 He-10
N-11 C-11 B-11 Be-11 Li-11
O-12 N-12 C-12 B-12 Be-12
O-13 N-13 C-13 B-13 Be-13
F-14 O-14 N-14 C-14 B-14 Be-14
F-15 O-15 N-15 C-15 B-15
Ne-16 F-16 O-16 N-16 C-16 B-16