Get Out of the Rut Club

Volume # I no5

This is the Fifth newsletter of the First Volume. I would like to send you to a page aimed at helping people get started in anything/something as a home business (the Steps page). I will also try to explain the emphasis in writing.
The sooner you start the better off you will be.

Our agenda remains;
1) Develop departments
2) Bring you to the Steps Page
3) Set a template to start each weeks newsletter.
4) Continue to show and teach the HTML code.

Using the <div align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans"></font></div>
I put things back in the center and showcase the Lucida Sans font

Lucida Sans

The HTML code of the day is
the font tag or<font></font>

There are many attributes used inside the (font) tag. The most basic are (color), (size), and (face).
You have seen examples in the use of the face attribute, here for instance with the display of text in "Lucida Sans", one of many font face styles available.

The value of the (color) attribute can be set with a word like red
<font color="red">
provided the word is on the list.

The more standard way is to set a six digit hexadecimal value prefixed with the pound sign as the color attribute value as is done in the body tag.

<font face="Lucida Sans">

If the color attribute is not use in a font tag, color defaults to the value set in the body tag's text attribute value.

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">

The all eFfs set white and the all zer0s set black.

The (size) value defaults at 3 if left out and not used, and the standard range is 1 to 7, seven being the largest.

To make the newsletter short
Departments will be set on web pages parallel to the archived newsletters.

1) My favorite Bookmarks dept.

2) Start my home biz now dept.

3) HTML special dept.

We set the link to the Validator so that it will be there on the archived page.
That is where we will use it.

Don't forget the spellchecker.

Then archive to a web page.
Archived newsletter

We use the Validator on the archived page and make any changes the Validator recommends.

As before, communicate to me by replying to this e-mail account or at and to alert me to discontinue,
reply to this e-mail here and put Remove in the subject box.

The code that makes this link is:
<a href="">and put Remove</a>

Best Regards
Alain Lareau

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