21 Steps to Economic Recovery and
National Financial Independence


Stop the Bleeding

provided the patient has a pulse and
is breathing unencumbered

Hindsight and Foresight
We know what is happening here, we did see this coming, we had hope you would be smart enough to help us let Wall St. go extinct by its own doing. To bad they have their hooks in you deeper than we thought, we understand they are scary people, no telling what they will do from moment to moment. Budget deficits do not scare me but this bailout of financial firms is bleeding the nation to death. Banks are the walking dead! To big to be allowed to fail or to big to be allowed to exist? The Financial Investment firms are Vampires. I believe the the future cannot improve without radical changes to the Federal Reserve! I fear that unless the American People step up homeowners and regular folk will be set last in line in any of these ongoing economic fix proposals.
So you see it is the ZOMBIES, VAMPIRES, AND WEREWOLVES that scare me not budgets.

Step 1 to Economic Recovery and Financial Independence would be to:
Effect a National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium. (NMFM)
This is equivalent to stopping the bleeding. People tossed out of their homes, vacant houses rotting. Interruption of lively hood, loss of household goods. Blood on the ground, like trying to put tooth paste back in the tube.

I had thought that this was improbable but not impossible. Forgive me for not having faith in the people to see and understand. Judging from the total oblivious nature of the American public up till now can you really blame me?

Then something stirred, something was afoot that may help bring this about, concerning the advice given by an Ohio congresswoman to people in her district.

I could go on about why we need a National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium (NMFM) but are you going to listen to me, your mind is made up already isn't it? Well I'm going to say my bit anyway.

We have indeed experienced a housing bubble that is a financial bubble in the housing industry. So it is a given that the values of properties have been inflated. We should want the values to come down, the cost of housing, renting included is too high a percentage of most household incomes. Should we allow a free fall in prices? Who would this hurt, should we as a people look to protect their interests? I do not want my friends in housing construction to take a bath, I would look to find ways to gear up home improvement activity and slow the drop in values to protect them. Truly most people after paying the rent or mortgage, the utility bill and putting some food in the house there is not much left over for savings or buying anything else. The car insurance, car repairs, health insurance, family outings, clothes, school books are being juggled on a week to week basis. Then more people go UNDERWATER and this triggers the cycle anew. I recommend stopping the foreclosures to prevent a total glut of homes on the market.

April 23, 2009

But there is another side to this isn't there?
David Kellerman CFO of Freddie Mac would have agreed that a home foreclosure moratorium is the best action we could take on this matter, but who can ask him, he is no longer with us. Justice Dept. investigations may tell a bigger story. The insinuation is at what point do people take upon themselves to the responsibility to intervene.
Assembling The Evidence

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