Is any Impact better then none

by Alain E. Lareau Jr.

When people who are acting politically get together after an election cycle they normally prepare to discuss a few points. One set is distinctly inward looking.
  1. What did we learn?
  2. Are we clear about what was accomplished?
  3. Were our goals to far reaching?
  4. Were our goals set pragmatically correct? (if such a thing can be)
  5. Were our goals to shallow?
  6. What did we fail at?
  7. Did we demonstrate any conspicuous successes?
  8. Was it worth the effort?
  9. and lastly, What are the measuring sticks we employ to answer these questions and why do we use them?
That last point is especially important, I'll try to get back to that later. It is insinuated that people take pause to honestly examine their own failings and not shrink from discussing them. Those that were candidates (and did not win election) may continue to engage the public as best they can in the context that they are still able to afford the public "representation" within the system of government we possess even as the Incumbent retains his seat. Outward looking and for the future begins a discussion of how to launch a new set of goals and the field work that flows from them. Also to consider is what did the electorate do, how did they preform, still outward looking but to the past. I believe there is an appropriate measuring stick for these topics as well, history and the accident of the moment. That is with the end game in mind and not loosing sight of history, how do you confront the accident of the moment, past, present and future. There is one more similar triad, connected to this.

This aspect is not of time but is in size. People are individuals, that is true, but they are also members of families. Ones consciousness is not limited just there in their own flesh, there are devotions and reasons for their work that go beyond. Communities as well are connected in much the same way to the nation, despite the most often parochial distractions that embroil and afflict groups of people they have analogous devotions and sentiments to something bigger. Does it not follow that an even larger connection to mankind as a whole exists and our Nation-State is our tool that we use to effect the whole human family. Marry those two aspects of time and size, that's a good measuring stick and a proper guild to begin focused discussions of how to frame future goals and evaluate the electorate.

Please let me review starting from the big picture then working back. Is it wrong to have species consciousness, to wonder about mankind's purpose in God's Universe? What is the culture of Life, ecological stewardship, space exploration, purpose and goals for all Mankind, you have the gift of freewill, do you want to participate in something that really matters?
National Sovereignty, why have a nation to begin with, are we just a collection of syndicates, merchants, artists, farmers that need a way to look after our own, collectively. What is the real cement in family bonds, for sure the glue is not self-serving? The family IS a creative act, People use the family as a creative vehicle, the wealth, the well-being is a creative enterprise. It is not just the chasing and protecting of property and capital, but to what end. To create new minds and new potentials for each member, this is the love, the glue.
Examine please this resent blog post;

GOP Victory Is Not The Answer
by Michael A. Peroutka
Despite being founded on the principle of limited, enumerated powers derived from the will of the people and subject to the transcendental Will of the Creator God, the current government in Washington, DC is now a corrupt corporation acting as an organized criminal enterprise. Departing from its roots, wherein it acknowledged the God of the Bible as the Creator and Lawgiver, it has become Godless and grasping and now has its tentacles in virtually every aspect of our lives. ...more
I highly recommend to you reading the entirety of Michael A. Peroutka's blog post. Take some time to digest what he is saying, and what I am saying. Consider if you will, the fate of the world if the power of the United States of America falls into the wrong hands. What these fascist, these corporatists are willing to unleash on the world, right now, to protect their global skimming operation/monetary system will sink the planet into hell.

There still is the job of the logical analysis of the voters. Is it clear to the voters that the Two Major Parties are controlled by supranational monetarists and the policies of each bring us to the same ends? Probably not, does that stop us? What part of the message didn't get trough, how do we make it get though? Did the elections get rigged, possible. Does that stop us. Did the huge block of independent voters get convinced that swinging over again was the solution? Did a whole lot of voters stay home? Are we stopped? Were we minimized and neglected by pundits, grassroots orgs. etc.? Does that stop us? Did we chicken out even a little? Is that going to stop us?

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