July 29, 2001

Here I begin to present a needed idea, to portray the chemical elements in table form from the perspective of atomic weight instead of atomic number. It is my hope that this new view will aid progress in many fields of science. I should not hope to profit by fame in my lifetime by the insinuation of this idea but if history records that a man named Alain Lareau struggled to promote it's adoption and use, that would be adequate reward for me.

We may benefit to subsume the following discussion under the topic of Nucleonics. We observe many isotopes of the elements occurring in nature, a few are radioactive. Many more isotopes, man made, exhibit a great range of half-life time frames. We should benefit to portray this new information in a more intelligible way. Moreover there is great variation in occurrence and abundance of the stable isotopes which lends to the notion of stability by degree. Since the "magic number" list does not help to shed light on the cause of these observations I propose a more "geometric" approach

I am led to believe that geometric constrictions upon the structure and stability of the atomic nucleus can be exerted in two basic ways but what is most interesting is the potential for states oscillating between these two constrictions. The one constriction that could be considered to be an internal effect is the space-filling/close-packing constraint wherein nature favors a situation of well distributed mass but yet closely packed. The other constriction, an external effect, would be the shell effect equitable to the proximity equalization upon the negative surface of the sphere, again nature favoring an even distribution.

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