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Step Three

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Step 2

You should know about, you are going to need it.

Now you must decide on your Topic/Subject for the web content you are going to produce.

What is your stong suit? What do you know about the most? You must write about something, can be anything. You can pick something that you do not know about and walk people through the investigation with you.

Now the next thing. Do you have Web Hosting, a cyberspace place to put a web page?
I recomend you visit because the editor text box is large and this will help a lot when you start writing your own HTML. Tripod got sucked up by Lycos years ago during the "Portal Wars" but it still retains much of it's original brand.
Go Now to Tripod and get set up. This is free.

Here is one more thing you need to know about, it is called WC3, no use trying to explain right now. You will catch on soon enough.
The Steps Step 5 Step 6 Step 7

Step 4 – Digg is a site of the people and by the people. Users submit links and descriptions and only other users can ‘digg’ the story to get it more exposure and attention. The comment threads can get pretty heated but overall it’s a great site for all sorts of news. If it has anything to do with technology, politics, pop culture or random knowledge it’s most likely on Digg before anywhere else.

Try It's your first assignment.

Now try It's your second assignment.

You are going to need more than One email acount.
Put it this way;
1)for family and friends only, spam free.
2)for job hunting, biz-op investgigation, GP.
3)for the GORC email tree and the hot-line between GORC members.

I am recomending that you use an account at for #2

This concludes Step One

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