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The Weeds of Baltimore City

Last fall my cat would continue to come into the house with the darndest things stuck on him. Every varity of kling-on, stick-ums, barb and burr that you can imagine was on this cat. Many times all at once. One time he did nearly pull the table cloth off the table upon walking past a dangling corner. This provoked my wife and I to clear a vacant lot behind our house to curtail this onslot. I could spend fourty-five minutes picking these things off of our pathetic looking pet each day. This spring I resolved to learn somthing about all these weeds. This is My report. I have been about gardens for quiet a while but I don't have the habit of reaching for the herbicide very often, so at the age of fourt-two I thought I should bone up on that as well.

There are so many types of weeds near my house it threatened to be overwelming, so I decided to single one out and atack them each upon identifing them. Now I'm a yankee seacoast boy, grown up in New Bedford Massachusetts. I have a good familiarity with salt marshes, Northeast mixed forests and some of the agricuture of that area; cranberry bogs, corn fields , apple orchards, etc. I have been a few places too El Paso desert, Savana river, Germany and Spain, but many of these things I have never seen. So I am on a learning curve here.

The first target for identification is a stemlike thing with whorls of small thin leaves five to eight in number at every four inches. This plant has fine hooked hairs on all surfaces. It is called Bedstraw or Cleaver and sometimes Goosegrass the scientific name is --

Galium aparine

This plant turn out to be nothing like what I had supposed and I will try to fill you in as I set up links to pics
and the many, some very useful and some perhaps not so useful data site that I cam across during my invetigation.

The pic files will be made target to "weedpic"

See picture ---

Catchweed bedstraw, Galium aparine L., native
Common names: Stickywilly, cleavers
- a dicot in the Rubiaceae family -
~ annual herb ~

Common Name:
Goose grass

This next link has well displayed data.

American name: catchweed bedstraw
English name: cleavers
French name: gaillet gratteron
German name: Klettenlabkraut
Spanish name: amor de hortelano

OK, now you know what this thing looks like, turns out this stuff was prized thoughout the middle ages for matrass making!
More intereting is that depending who you talk to, some people hate this stuff and other people love it. Farmers involved with canola crops find it quite a pest and it can ruin their income drasticly.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage -

Rubiaceae (Madder Family) 'Galium aparine' Digital Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah Galium aparine Elevation Range: 1,300 to 3,030 meters ... www.gis.usu.edu/Geography-Department/utgeog/utvatlas/family/ rubi/gaap.html
Plant ... www.ibiblio.org/herbmed/pictures/pic-e-i2.html
Weed Guide - CLEAVERS (Galium aparine) Regional Noxious Weed. www.agf.gov.bc.ca/croplive/cropprot/weedguid/cleavers.htm
herbweb.com ... Galium aparine Cleansing agent for the lymphatic system. Corrects the body's inability to pass normal catabolic wastes. ... www.herbweb.com/herbage/A220.htm
Health Library (Galium aparine). Alternative Medicine ... www.laurushealth.com/Library/HealthGuide/CAM/topic.asp?hwid= hn-herb-cleavers
Galium aparine I VK Image: Galium aparine I VK.ine L. ... botit.botany.wisc.edu/images/veg/Southern_Mesic/Galium_aparine_I_VK.html
lar pages Galium aparine II VK Image: Galium aparine II V.. botit.botany.wisc.edu/images/veg/Southern_Mesic/Galium_aparine_II_VK.html

herb daweed ... ... Na www.holisticonline.com/Herbal-Med/_Herbs/h78.htm
Galium aparine Gali the other ... www.ulstermuseum.org.uk/flora/4319.htm
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