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Lesson 1

The program that you use to view Web sites (HTML documents) is called a browser. You are probably not using netscape right now, but it was very popular at one time, here are some other examples of the original browsers you can investigate. Lynx for instance, Microsoft Internet Explorer is still in use.
Yes this is an old page, but I am updating it.

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The purpose of this page is to function as a HTML help site.
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Your browser is pointed to the location in the address window, this is called a URL, Uniform Resource Locator. You will see this refered to URI more and more. The programs that supply the information to the browsers are called servers. A Web server is also the place you store and publish your own web pages. The best place to start your first page is the NOTEPAD that comes with your Operating System. Years ago with Windows 3.1 file extensions were limited to three characters. When you save your file use the file extensions .htm or better .html instead of .txt if you want a browser to recognize it.
Q: Is there an easy way to convert a text file to a Web Page?
A: Yes! In fact that is a good way to learn about HTML structure protocol
The tag PRE, <pre> ... </pre> ( PREFORMAT )can be used to set a file that has format elements existing into an HTML document, this may not always work depending on which word processor was used. If you can convert the file to text before you begin to set HTML tags into the file it should work. This is not always a time saver and it is not a good habit but if you are seeing HTML for the first time you can wing a few quick pages of content together with this tag.
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